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We are your local friends in Paradise! We offer many services including travel and real estate advice. We also have valuable partnership’s with many local businesses in the Riviera Maya region.
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“Verify before you Buy” live video via facebook or WhatsApp for your potential investment in the Riviera Maya region. Don’t be fooled by the Sellers photos. We can give you “Peace of Mind” before you buy. Contact us for rates and fees.

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Which way are you going?

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Travel Wisdom: Flight Style

As the graphic says, “Good things come to those who book flights”, perfect for #TravelTuesday. expatinparadise is ready to help you get yours when you book your flight to Paradise. Don’t miss out on your “good things” coming to you by letting another day go by and still no travel plans confirmed. It’s a simple email to us and we will work for you on your dream vacation or bucket list travel wishes.

Your Seats to Paradise are Waiting for YOU

Why are you not in these seats? What excuses do you have? No time and no money are the biggest reasons I hear from my perspective Clients. Let’s take on the first rebuttal: Time, everybody has time if they desire to travel. Time should be controlled by the individual not by the Employer. Many people live and work in this archaic way of thinking. Work 365 days to get 7 days off. The future of living and working is changing with freelance and remote job options on the rise giving time back to the individual.

The biggest rebuttal is Money. Yes money is a key part of travel and living, but there are Countries that can be in reach for most budgets. Take my situation, I left a major global corporation and changed my life for the better by following my own path. I support this lifestyle by offering my Clients travel and real estate advice in the Riviera Maya region. I have lots of time on my hands these days and the money is sufficient enough to support my family in Mexico. It took courage and believing in myself for this lifestyle change to happen. My biggest asset is my Wife who is strong and supportive and has never been negative. So, as in the beginning of this blog post, Why aren’t you in those seats?…..

Get your Detox on in Paradise

Newsflash! Detox event in Paradise. Hurry to get in now! Quick trip plans with us.


Photo-Op with Tortuga

Saying cheese with a turtle in Paradise, this guy had a photo-op with one of Nature’s graceful creatures the sea turtle. Turtle season is here all over the Riviera Maya region as they take over the beaches for the annual laying of the their eggs. Soon, little hatchlings will be making their run for the water to try and survive this world we all live in. Many won’t make it, but for the female ones that do, they will be back on this same beach carrying on the same ritual as their past mother’s.