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Come along on our Costa Rican Adventure and discover the highs and the lows of living abroad

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Welcome To Paradise

Welcome to Robbie’s world of tranquility and adventure, where the sunsets are golden, and life is lived to the fullest, Costa Rica-style. Robbie, an American expat, along with his husband Steve and their two beloved dogs, Stella and Ozymandias, made a bold decision to leave the fast-paced stress of the United States behind and embrace the pura vida lifestyle in the captivating land of Costa Rica.

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What To Bring

When embarking on the journey of moving abroad, it’s essential to recognize that you can take it all with you! While I wholeheartedly advocate for minimalist moving, there are certain items that you’ll undoubtedly want to bring along. Here, I’ve curated a list of recommendations for your move to Costa Rica, encompassing both logistical necessities and lifestyle essentials.

Ask An Expat

Do you have countless questions about moving to Costa Rica? Looking to connect with someone who has successfully made the leap? Let’s schedule a Zoom meeting with me, Your Expat In Paradise, where I’ll guide you through your aspirations and share my own experiences to assist you in realizing your dreams!

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