Quiz for Future Expats

Hey future Expats! This is a fun quiz especially for you in mind. I am starting a series on this blog to help all future expats that are in the “waiting period” of your plans. Hopefully this will give you more insight so you can “Make the Move” to Paradise. This is from my Wife and I’s real life experiences living here in Playa Del Carmen.

Be sure to put your answers in the comment section! I will post the answers later this month. All questions are for living in the Playa Del Carmen area.

  1. Can you use your driver’s license from home to drive?
  2. Do I have to speak Spanish to be able to get by?
  3. Am I able to get my prescriptions filled in Mexico?
  4. What type budget is needed to support 2 people and 2 pets?

I will give answers to each question based on our budget and real-time information; a sort of boots on the ground type perspective. Hopefully this will spur more questions from you “Future Expats” via email or comments and I will post them for everyone to see.

Let’s have some fun and learn at the same time!

The EIP (expatinparadise) Team





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