Se Renta: For Rent in Playa Del Carmen

Hola Everyone! Como estas? Today we are going to be talking about renting in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. It’s not like renting from your area, it is a very competitive and fast paced market down here. If you are reading about it, it is probably already rented and they haven’t taken the sign down, especially if the sign was not by the actual rental property. You can try the internet but it isn’t updated as fast as the market moves. We had a 10-day stay in a few hotels until we got our first place to rent. If you have pets; it is even more difficult to find places to rent; as owners shy away from this type renter. We have two Shih-Tzu’s in our family so we know the ins and outs to renting here in Playa.

Contact us for our list of preferred providers about renting in Paradise!

IMG_20170612_091206 (2)IMG_20170612_091322 IMG_20170612_091244


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