Your Journey in this Life

Everyone has their own journey in life. Your path through life is yours. You are the Author of your life! Don’t worry so much about the destination enjoy your journey to it. This is a true test of self awareness of oneself. So enjoy your life along the journey.


5 thoughts on “Your Journey in this Life”

  1. Everyone truly makes their own journey – and life is too short for anything but exceptional.
    How long ago did you make that drastic change in your lives and moved to Mexico? I would love to read about how things went for you when you first got there!

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    1. Ha! our first day in Mexico? Don’t wanna do that one again. We rented a local place online with “online pictures” ha ha. We left two hours later and lived in hotels for 10 days with our two Shih-Tzu’s in tow mind you. But now life is great in Paradise. We found a great place to rent for a year; now time to relax and enjoy our journey.


      1. Oh yes, online properties…You truly never know what you’ll get. Glad it all worked out in the end!
        So you guys are staying for a year? As someone who is contemplating on living in Mexico one day, I would be really interested in a post talking of immigrating there 🙂

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      2. Hey again Jenni! Yes we love it here and plan on buying something next year. And I will post about immigration to Mexico soon. Thank you for your comments!
        Enjoy your sushi,



      3. Glad to hear that Emile 🙂 Hey sounds great! I’m really looking forward to that post about immigration 🙂
        Enjoy the sun and the fun!

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