The 9 Words that Turned Him into a Millionaire!


Amazon, I LOVE YOU!

He had something important to say

But his books were invisible

He poured his heart into his books

But he felt suffocated

Absolutely nothing worked

He struggled for years

He was just about to give up

But he gave it one more chance

And followed a simple formula

A unique formula

That turned him into a millionaire.

(YES, I show you PROOF inside.)

This formula is his secret


I make this all very easy for you

In addition to the 9 Words ATTACK Formula…

I have also included my 9 Words Mind Map


I use this mind map for every book I create

Just follow the simple steps

So that you can create books quickly

Many authors lose focus

They get confused

They stall

This mind map will prevent that

It will keep you on track

And moving forward

On the way to even more success!




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