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The “Facebook Testimonial Trick” that increased sales by 296% (Page 58)
I Showed This ONE Test To Brad Callen, And Check Out His Results:
Hey man, on Friday, I tested out the Facebook comment style testimonials vs the testimonial style we used before, which was just our own design.

The Facebook testimonial style outperformed the other, big time!
217 front ends vs 287 front ends.
That’s pretty major, considering it wasn’t a change to our sales video at all!”
One of these webinar registration pages INCREASED our conversions by 29.45%. Can you guess which one? (it’ll probably make you angry at first, and then happy later because you’ll be able to fire your designer!) (Page 55)
Why Time Is Of The Essence…
This is a limited offer, but even inside of that, there is REAL scarcity that you need to be aware of…

1st) I only printed 1,000 of the “108 Proven Split Test Winners” books. Yes, I can order more, but there is a 4 week lag time, so if this page is online now, then we have books in stock.
2nd) The Digital Access Pass is Going Away SOON! Because I do NOT want everyone to have all of the back archives of our past Funnel University newsletters, the Digital Access pass will be removed from this special offer VERY soon. If you don’t lock in your membership NOW while this page is live… you’ll NEVER be able to get back to this private members area.
3rd) This charter pricing (66% – 75% discount) AND the trial offer will not last forever. We are selling out memberships fast, and as soon as we hit our target number, we will be raising the prices back to full price. It’s simple supply and demand and it’s happening here in real time.
So NOW is the time to lock in your membership.



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