Push Notifications easy & effective way to re-connect & re-engage with your site visitors!

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Re-engage visitors even when they are not browsing your site.


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What are Push Notifications

Push Notifications are an effective, innovative and powerful way to reach out to your visitors and re-engage them even when they are not browsing your site. Push notifications show up as pop-up boxes on user devices such as desktops, smartphones, ipads etc. These are short notifications that include a customized message, image and a clickable link.

Push notifications are proving to be more cost effective with better results than other forms of online marketing. For example, push notifications have performed better than email with a higher click-through and response rate. Moreover, marketing emails usually end up in spam folder, thus never reaching your subscribers. Email marketing is expensive. Marketing through any other social media channel is also expensive. However, you can send out push notifications at the fraction of the cost of email and other social media marketing. And, your personalized push notifications are displayed instantly prompting visitors to take immediate action.


Business in a Box

For entrepreneurs & agencies, this is great opportunity to start your own business or add another service to your portfolio. There are millions of small businesses and blogs out there with limited marketing budget. You can show them the benefits of re-engaging their visitors and how it will help them increase their subscribers and sales. Start with your local businesses. It will gradually build into a nice recurring income for you.

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