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Wondering how to move to Costa Rica? Excited to live abroad but don’t even know where to start? Moving to another country can seem like a daunting task, so much so that a lot of people give up before they even try. Don’t be discouraged and don’t give up! 

As someone who not only achieved it but also lives and breathes the experience, I can help!  Whether you just want a high level overview of the process of moving to Costa Rica or you have very specific questions, I am happy to help. 

Some common topics I get questions about:

  • What to bring and how
  • Deciding where to live
  • What paperwork is needed and when to get it
  • How to get a visa – Residency vs. Tourist 
  • How to buy a property
  • Renting in Costa Rica
  • Cost of living in Costa Rica
  • How to buy a car and transportation
  • Banking in Costa Rica
  • Healthcare
  • Bringing pets to Costa Rica
  • Your cellphone services 
  • Working remotely 
  • Legal pitfalls to look out for


I can also provide recommendations on professionals to help you in your big adventure. 


Feel free to drop hot button issues or questions in the comment box when you book your appointment. A full hour virtual appointment is just $70.

Talk to you soon,

Robbie – Your Expat in Paradise