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Living Life in Paradise

Hola again everyone! We started out our day just driving around and enjoying the views and before we even realized it we were in Puerto Morelos. We just can’t help ourselves it is such a beautiful little fishing village with an easy laid back feel and its close to the airport in Cancun. We also noticed a few houses for rent and sale along the main stretch of town that are absolutely gorgeous and some of them even had water views. With the cost of living being less, compared to the bigger cities of Cancun or Playa Del Carmen, it makes Puerto Morelos even a better choice.  If you have any questions about living in Paradise feel free to email us or leave a comment below.

We are enjoying life!

expatinparadise team




Se Renta: For Rent in Playa Del Carmen

Hola Everyone! Como estas? Today we are going to be talking about renting in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. It’s not like renting from your area, it is a very competitive and fast paced market down here. If you are reading about it, it is probably already rented and they haven’t taken the sign down, especially if the sign was not by the actual rental property. You can try the internet but it isn’t updated as fast as the market moves. We had a 10-day stay in a few hotels until we got our first place to rent. If you have pets; it is even more difficult to find places to rent; as owners shy away from this type renter. We have two Shih-Tzu’s in our family so we know the ins and outs to renting here in Playa.

Contact us for our list of preferred providers about renting in Paradise!

IMG_20170612_091206 (2)IMG_20170612_091322 IMG_20170612_091244

Street Vendors: Eats and Treats

Have you ever wanted to walk in a “Tropical Paradise” and enjoy the flavors of the local cultural foods? If yes, then this is a post especially for you. I have found a great place in the Playa Del Carmen area for just that; eating street food. As you will see below in the photos; Playa has an abundance of aromas and wafting flavors in the air around the Juarez and 10th avenue park. My Wife and I enjoy the wonderful eats and treats from all the local vendors. They come from near and far to sell their wares among the crowded park. We enjoy sitting and watching the interaction between the Locals and Tourists.  Hopefully you future Expats will come down and enjoy the experience for yourselves as nothing can replace you actually being in the mix of the market.

A useful Expat Spanish phrase: Gracias!, no hay compras hoy!  Thank you, no shopping today!


Quiz for Future Expats

Hey future Expats! This is a fun quiz especially for you in mind. I am starting a series on this blog to help all future expats that are in the “waiting period” of your plans. Hopefully this will give you more insight so you can “Make the Move” to Paradise. This is from my Wife and I’s real life experiences living here in Playa Del Carmen.

Be sure to put your answers in the comment section! I will post the answers later this month. All questions are for living in the Playa Del Carmen area.

  1. Can you use your driver’s license from home to drive?
  2. Do I have to speak Spanish to be able to get by?
  3. Am I able to get my prescriptions filled in Mexico?
  4. What type budget is needed to support 2 people and 2 pets?

I will give answers to each question based on our budget and real-time information; a sort of boots on the ground type perspective. Hopefully this will spur more questions from you “Future Expats” via email or comments and I will post them for everyone to see.

Let’s have some fun and learn at the same time!

The EIP (expatinparadise) Team




Day Tripping: Puerto Morelos, Mexico

This is more than just another day in Paradise; It’s my Wife’s 50th birthday today!! Happy Birthday Rhonda!!!

Well let’s talk about our day trip in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. We drove there today for a birthday celebration and I just couldn’t help myself I had to take some pictures for the blog. As you will see below in the pictures; this is an awesome place to visit. You’ll need to add this to your list of places to visit while in the Riveria Maya region. Puerto Morelos is a small seaside fishing village with a charming side to it. It has everything you need within walking distance from your house or condo. The vibe of the town is relaxed and tranquil.

Remember to check back often for new posts







Street Art

Hey Friends! This is some street art I found driving around town today. Beauty can be found anywhere; all you have to do is take the time to look for it.

We’re Your Friend in Paradise! Book Your Travels and Tours with Us!

Welcome to Expatinparadise Travels! 

Our motto is, Cover the Earth before it Covers You! My Wife and I got bit by the travel bug years ago and moved to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. After travelling around we settled in the Riviera Maya region. Enough about us lets book you a trip today!

We love helping people plan their vacation for their families. Feel free to ask us any questions about moving to Paradise! We blazed a trail for others to follow!

Follow Us to hear our funny gringo stories and things to avoid while in Mexico! Tips for the casual traveler or the seasoned vacation snowbirds. Ask us your questions and we’ll be happy to answer you.


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