Shopping in Playa Del Carmen

Hey Friends! Just my take on shopping in Playa Del Carmen or just “Playa” as the locals call it. Shopping here is not unlike other areas of the world; you have to look for the best deals and be aware of the quantity available. Just because you see it one time on the shelf doesn’t mean you will able to buy it again the next time you go into the store. My wife Rhonda found her favorite treat and was ecstatic but then on her next shopping trip it was not there. There are sections in most stores that cater to us expats with all kinds of treats that most locals show no interest in. When you see something you want and like go ahead and buy more than you need for that time because it can take weeks or even months to see them replenished. Don’t worry about not speaking Spanish Rhonda and I have lived here ten months and we get by on a mix of English and a few Spanish words just smile and try and the locals will help you out!


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