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$9.95/yr Fast Secure SSL Web Hosting Service for You! Under a $1 a Month!

              Premium Secure SSL Web Hosting Services 


           Fast & Secure CPanel Web Hosting Features:


All web hosting accounts automatically come with secure SSL certificate. Your websites will be secured and also get a big Love from Google’s search engine rankings!

99-uptimeWe use the latest server technologies to bring all of our web hosting members with fast site loading times and at least 99.9% uptime.


CPanel is the #1 hosting control panel on the web, and we use only the latest optimized version of CPanel across all of our web hosting accounts.


New Pure Solid-State Drive Storage provides 300% increase in website performance over regular hard drives of the past.

php-mysql-hostingHost PHP & MYSQL websites with ease, along with: CGI, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, and more!

Instantly install the most popular scripts using Softaculous tool, install: WordPress, Drupal, and more with the click of your mouse.

cloudflare-free-hostingUse the CloudFlare with 1-click. Now your site loads faster and is protected against attacks and malicious bots.

The price is less than $1 per month!

You pay only $9.95/year!

Each premium secure web hosting account comes with:

5 gb of Diskspace
25 gb of Bandwidth
Up to 1 Addon Domains
(You can host up to 2 websites per account)

Quality Web Hosting Done Right!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow file storage sites?

No, My hosting service can’t be used as a file storage & file sharing service.

Do you allow adult and casino sites?

No, You cannot host any kind of adult or casino/gambling sites.

Do you allow email marketing on your servers?

No, You cannot use your hosting account for bulk emailing. There are email marketing services for that purpose.

Do you allow illegal file sharing and torrent sites?

No, Any kind of illegal site is not allowed.

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Want to See How Users Behave on Your Site? Then You’ll Need Mouseflow…

See Why Your Visitors aren’t Converting with Mouseflow! Watch the demo below…

Mouseflow – Session Replay, Heatmaps, Funnels, Forms & User Feedback

Mouseflow lets you see visitors’ behavior and fix pain points with session replay, heatmaps, funnels, form analytics, and feedback campaigns.

Join 125,000+ Customers


 Built for Conversions

Mouseflow is the tool for serious marketers.
It lets you understand visitors and take action like never before.

Wistia video thumbnail

 Watch the Video (1:06)

Others are saying:
“You learn more about users in a week than months of typical U/X testing. Do yourself a favor and start using Mouseflow!”

Mouseflow Integrates with Your Existing Platform

Mouseflow is better when used together with your favorite tools.
Google Analytics
Adobe Analytics and many more…

Ready for a personalized demonstration? Let’s book it.

CLICK LINK HERE–>>http://bit.ly/_MouseFlow

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Still Summer in Paradise!

Don’t give into old man winter yet! Come see us down here in Paradise! Its Summer time all year long. Just a short plane ride from the US, come see why we are voted consistently in the top ten year after year as the World’s best vacation destinations. World class dining, entertainment, and shopping. See you soon!


Need Advertising? Want BIG Design with LITTLE Time?



Would you like to create amazing looking ad pages to promote your services  but lack the time or experience required for professional quality design?  Then read on because I have something very special for you.

Until now, getting quality DFY PLR products has been a gamble. As an offline marketer myself I spent countless amounts of money and hours and hours of my life that I’ll never get back buying and trying to use sub-par PLR.
You want to compel your audience to take action – but let’s be honest:

Designing professional looking ad layouts is not easy.
It takes a lot of time to do it yourself – and if you are like me (and you probably weren’t happy with the end result anyway).
And hiring someone to create an ad design for you can be EXPENSIVE, (and you still might not be happy with the end result).

Which is exactly why I put together this special “done for you” customizable offline ad templates package for you Introducing:

25 Stunning Ads Professionally Designed, Ready to Customize With Your Branding & Message


Specifically designed to promote every offline service imaginable to any offline market. Just spend 5-10 minutes of your time for a kick ass custom advertisement you will be proud to use.

Web Design
Social Media
Rep Management
PPC/Lead Generation
Video Marketing

Get your copy of 25 ads DFY Here

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How To OWN The REAL Front Page Of The Internet And Profit From it!

logo (6)

Drive targeted users to your sites, offers & videos on autopilot for PASSIVE commissions: 100% white hat!

Act NOW To Get Backlink Rhino At This Special Launch Discount!


3 Short Steps To Highly Targeted, “I Want Your Stuff NOW” Buyers That Don’t Cost A Single Penny To Get:

Biggest Thing I Learned? CONTROL Your Traffic!


Why Google Is GOOD For Your Business

Unlike the wannabes, Google really IS the front page of the internet.

It’s watching you.

It’s probably listening to you right now (quick, get the tinfoil hat on).

And it’s NOT going away. Because everyday millions of people run BILLIONS of searches looking for answers to their problems.

3.5 BILLION daily searches … that’s a MOUNTAIN of traffic.

And the websites that show up on the first page control it.


Get BackLink Rhino NOW

You’ll be glad you did next week while checking your bank account!


I Made it into the IAPWE


What is the IAPWE?

IAPWE ( International Association of Professional Writers & Editors )

The association helps provide writers and editors with resources as well as job leads.

How to Join the IAPWE

To sign up with the IAPWE, all I had to do was submit a sample of my writing along with my name and email. It did take several weeks for me to hear back but once accepted, I just had to finish the registration and then I was able to start working.

 Another thing that separates IAPWE from other content companies and other freelancer associations is that they offer a free membership to freelancers. Their free membership offers free resources to freelancers as well as discounts on services such as website and blog design. Their resources section seems to be growing every month. They also offered optional paid memberships which give freelancers access to additional resources and discounted services. One thing I really liked about this is that not only are they one of the only associations that I’ve found to offer a membership for free, but they don’t have ads and affiliate links on their website. 

From what I have noticed, the IAPWE only accepts new applicants intermittently throughout the year, however you can check their website to see if they are at IAPWE.org (this is not an affiliate link, this is just a link to the IAPWE homepage).

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