The 7 best ways to stay on top of the affiliate marketing business


Which way should you go? Every  NEW business has to go though these types of decisions.
First, What is that you are wanting to do?
Secondly, How do you start?

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Our Day Trip to Tulum, Mexico

Our day trip to Tulum, Mexico was magical. We have lived in Mexico for 14 months but it was our first time visiting Tulum. These pictures are of the bay area coming into the tourist zone.

A Turtle nest we found along our travels on the beach in Tulum. And a picture of a tiny Cenote’ I found in a rock.

Me and my wife Rhonda clowning around on the rocks in the bay along the beach. See our other posts of our travels in Mexico and follow our blog to keep up with us as we live our dream life in Paradise thanks to affiliate marketing.

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