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Tropical Paradise: Fun Days and Nights

There is always something different happening in Paradise. You can find a fiesta or a festival about anywhere here in Paradise. You just have to want to do it, get out your excuse book and throw it away. Now is the time to make your move to your tropical Paradise.

Underground Wonders

Cenotes are very abundant in the Yucatán peninsula of Mexico. They are made from the wearing away of the limestone by the rains in this tropical climate. Come explore Paradise and see these natural wonders in person.

Happy Weekend from Paradise….

Yes it is a “Happy Weekend” in Paradise.  Hope wherever you are it’s great too. If not, come to Paradise and change your life.

Paradise Found….

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Xel-Ha Adventure Park


Expat Quiz: Answers

Hey my fellow Friend’s and Blogger Buddies! It’s time for the answers to the expat quiz posted earlier this month.

  1. Can you use your driver’s license from home to drive? Yes. You can use your license from home to drive a rental car or your personal vehicle.
  2. Do I have to speak Spanish to be able to get by? No not really…if you have Google translate you can make it just fine. I’ve been here a year and I’m about 25% Spanish able…
  3. Am I able to get my prescriptions filled in Mexico? Yes. My Wife has had no problem with her medication. Actually we save about 50% to 60% than back in the US.
  4. What type budget is needed to support 2 people and 2 pets? Well we live a modest lifestyle and we are comfortable but everyone is different on this subject. We budget around $1200 USD a month all included everything we need. This fluctuates depending on the exchange rate at that time.

I hope this helps someone out there. If you need more in depth information just contact me and I will be glad to provide more details.


Emile DeCandt

Raining in Paradise

Hello again my blogging friends and followers! Yes, as the title says, it’s raining in Paradise. As I look out my window at the rain and see the birds at play, I can sense the plants and animals sighing in relief from the heat wave that has been over the region for a while now. This rainy break gives you time to catch up on all your “To Do’s” that you’ve been putting off around the house. Most of the time when it rains it is only for a short spell then it moves off, and then the beautiful blue skies return again, but lately this major weather front is hanging around and giving us soaking rains. Don’t get me wrong raining in Paradise is a part of life we all must endure. As for living in a tropical climate, it is expected, and most local people just go about their normal activities in life and others take the time to enjoy playing in the rainfall. I’m sorry for the vacationers that are here now, as they won’t get the blue sky tropical Paradise feel that is the norm around here. Better luck next time in the future for your next trip here to Paradise!

***Check back soon for the answers to the “Expat Quiz” I posted a few weeks ago. Remember to send your answers and your questions to us and they will be posted along with your name.***

Te veo pronto….See you soon

expatinparadise team

Street Vendors: Eats and Treats

Have you ever wanted to walk in a “Tropical Paradise” and enjoy the flavors of the local cultural foods? If yes, then this is a post especially for you. I have found a great place in the Playa Del Carmen area for just that; eating street food. As you will see below in the photos; Playa has an abundance of aromas and wafting flavors in the air around the Juarez and 10th avenue park. My Wife and I enjoy the wonderful eats and treats from all the local vendors. They come from near and far to sell their wares among the crowded park. We enjoy sitting and watching the interaction between the Locals and Tourists.  Hopefully you future Expats will come down and enjoy the experience for yourselves as nothing can replace you actually being in the mix of the market.

A useful Expat Spanish phrase: Gracias!, no hay compras hoy!  Thank you, no shopping today!