Paradise, Where Else

Another reason why you should move to Paradise, crystal clear waters all around. Everyone knows about the beautiful waters in the tropical areas of the world, but until you actually swim and take them in is when you really appreciate them. Come see and feel the waters for yourself in Paradise.

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Awesome Sunset in Paradise

Another great ending to a day in Paradise! The sunsets are absolutely amazing around here in the Riviera Maya region. Plan your next trip to Paradise with us.

Day Tripping: Puerto Morelos, Mexico

This is more than just another day in Paradise; It’s my Wife’s 50th birthday today!! Happy Birthday Rhonda!!!

Well let’s talk about our day trip in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. We drove there today for a birthday celebration and I just couldn’t help myself I had to take some pictures for the blog. As you will see below in the pictures; this is an awesome place to visit. You’ll need to add this to your list of places to visit while in the Riveria Maya region. Puerto Morelos is a small seaside fishing village with a charming side to it. It has everything you need within walking distance from your house or condo. The vibe of the town is relaxed and tranquil.

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Street Art

Hey Friends! This is some street art I found driving around town today. Beauty can be found anywhere; all you have to do is take the time to look for it.


Hola Everyone!

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